Friday, October 27, 2006

Testing times

Well, this is the first one.

Why bother? Because we can.

'Demon-haunted' after Carl Sagan's 1996 book. People talk about 'today's secular society' but all around is religious and spiritual baloney.
The path towards a tolerant, enlightened society is potholed by stupidity accorded reverence but deserving ridicule. Mustn't say anything that upsets people.
Even in today's UK headlines - 'faith schools' are granted licence to carry on their pernicious practices and the reasonable-sounding Archbishop of Canterbury says aiming for a society with no symbols such as veils, crosses, sidelocks or turbans would be seen as "politically dangerous". How's that, then? The division these obsessively superstitious symbols perpetuate is demonstrably a far greater danger.
But let's ignore that because what we really want is a world where everyone is free to believe whatever they like and to believe it in a silly hat.


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